Emergency communications is a vital part of emergency management. Huntington Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) is a local team of volunteer amateur radio operators dedicated to providing emergency communications support to local, county and state governments during disasters and other emergencies. We support the Huntington Police and Fire Departments and provide emergency and backup communications. During recent hurricanes local amateur radio operators provided emergency and backup communications for local, state, and federal authorities. In the aftermath of Ike, Dale Kirkland (KE5ADC) provided emergency radio communication for the United States Army National Guard in hard hit areas of the county where all normal lines of communication were down. Thanks to his tireless efforts and “Ham Radio” food, water and other necessities were delivered to many families, who otherwise would have gone days without assistance. Huntington RACES is headed up by Leroy Mooney (KE5CVY) who is responsible for making sure the amateur radio response is at its best when called upon.

RACES is part of the State of Texas Division of Emergency Management. RACES volunteers are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission and are trained in emergency communications procedures. They drill frequently to maintain readiness. Members are also certified in emergency management protocols, such as the National Incident Management System and receive training through FEMA courses.

If you would like to know more about Amateur Radio or emergency communications please contact Lamar Denby at (936) 422-4506.